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Paybox TheCartPress Payment Gateway


Paybox payment gateway for TheCartPress, implemented by PluginsMaker, allows to add  Paybox payment gateway to any ecommerces made using TheCartPress and WordPress. If you are looking for Paybox Payment Gateway for Woocommerce, please visit pluginsmaker site. How to Install Paybox TheCartPress Payment Gateway After purchase the plugin you should download a zip file. This zip file […]

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Dynamic Options


With Dynamic Options you can efficiently create options or variations for your simple products based on product attributes. Product variations with price, stock, sku, excerpt, content, images, author,  date, comments, etc. Create and manage attributes: Attribute sets: Group your attributes and optimize the work of the merchant assigning a set of attributes for each product. […]

paypal plus payment gateway

PayPal Plus


PayPal PLUS Payment gateway for TheCartPress TheCartPress PayPal PLUS Payment gateway allows TheCartPress, WordPress ecommerce plugin, supports PayPal PLUS Payments. ¿Are you looking for PayPal PLUS payment gateway for Woocommerce? Please, visit PayPal introduced PayPal Plus in Germany, a solution that can be used by all online shops and allows the client to choose […]

Payeezy gateway for TheCartPress

Payeezy gateway


Payeezy gateway (formerly known as GGE4) is a dynamic payment solution for TheCartPress, ecommerce plugin for WordPress. ¿Are you looking for Payeezy payment gateway for Woocommerce? Please, visit Accept payments from anyone, anywhere. Payeezy can extend your business across borders into more countries than any other payment processor—the international agreements are already in place. […]

Marketplace eCommerce plugin for WordPress

Marketplace eCommerce


Make your store to become a marketplace, where different merchants could sell theirs own products and the main merchant take a sale percent. Different rates for each merchant. Multicart feature. New WordPress role.

Direct Debit


This Payment plugin for our eCommerce allows customers to purchase in a store typing theirs bank accounts. Direct debit, or direct withdrawal, is a financial transaction in which one person withdraws funds from another person’s bank account. How to Install the Plugin You have to buy the plugin. If you make is a a registered user […]

Customers’ Discounts


This plugin allows to your eCommerce to set Discount by your own Customers. How to Install de Plugin You have to buy the plugin. If you make is a a registered user you can download the zip file from your Downloads page, in your Account. After you have downloaded the plugin, uncompress the Zip file. […]

PayTrace Payment Gateway


PayTrace Payment Gateway for TheCartPress. ¿Are you looking for PayTrace for Woocommerce? Please, visit PayTrace for Woocommerce by Plginsmaker. About PayTrace PayTrace is an industry leader in providing comprehensive, easy to use, and efficient payment processing and data storage software solutions. These solutions include the ability to process credit card, gift card, and e-check transactions […]

Forte Payment Gateway (PaymentsGateway)


Forte Payment Gateway (PaymentsGateway) is a payment plugin for TheCartPress, eCommerce professional plugin for WordPress. ¿Are you looking for Forte for Woocommerce? Please, visit Forte for Woocommerce in The plugin supports two mode, Secure Web Pay Checkout and Redirect. Secure Web Pay, Checkout In this mode, the plugin allows to call the Payments Gateway hosted payment […]

Boot Store


Full website support
Carousel for post, products and custom types
Highly versatile and flexible
Marketplace support
Buddypress support


Boot Store Theme – Front Page – Tutorial by WOCmultimedia

Our friend Angelo is an expertise creating professional “Flipbooks” and he has created a quick tutorial about “boot Store” theme, we think many users will be happy. Thanks Angelo! You can find Angelo at: TheCartPress Community