Forte Payment Gateway (PaymentsGateway)

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Forte Payment Gateway (PaymentsGateway) is a payment plugin for TheCartPress, eCommerce professional plugin for WordPress.

The plugin supports two mode, Secure Web Pay Checkout and Redirect.

Secure Web Pay, Checkout

In this mode, the plugin allows to call the Payments Gateway hosted payment form for entering and securely submitting transaction information. The merchant can customize the look and feel of the hosted payment form by either selecting a predefined payment form style in the Virtual Terminal or passing in fields along with the call.

Secure Web Pay, Redirect

For Sites that have their own hosting and need total control over the payment form we offer Secure Web Pay Redirect. Secure Web Pay Redirect is a fully customizable PCI compliant solution that can perform transactions as well as client and payment method operations. The results of the transaction or tokens created can be posted back to a URL specified in the call.

After you have activate it, using WordPress Plugins menu, you can configure the payment using TCP Settings/Payment Methods menu:

TheCartPress Payment Methods List

The next image show the set up panel for Forte:

Forte for TheCartPress Setup Panel

To configure properly your Forte account you have to fill the next fields, in Gateway Setting Tab:

Gateway Key:

Forte Gateway key

Secure Web Pay

The Return Page 1 mst be taken from the Forte for TheCartPress setup panel, Return URL.

Forte Secure Web Pay

Forte places a high value on sound protection. All of our solutions are operated using our servers located within secure, redundant and geographically diverse tier 1 data centers.