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View Demo You can see Boot Store AKA “Bootstrap eCommerce Theme” in all TheCartPress sites

Bootstrap Responsive eCommerce theme now called “BOOT STORE”

Free Stuffs: Theme based on Bootstrap framework and WordPress official theme

Responsive eCommerce Theme based on Bootstrap. Full website support: Coorporative pages, Blog (post formats), Store with eCommerce support (TheCartPress eCommerce + Marketplace plugins), Authors, Searches, Community (Buddypress support). Versatile and scalable. Flexible with Bootstrap fluid grid extended system that adapts your website to mobile devices and the desktop or any other viewing environment. Carousel for post, products and custom types. Custom logo. Custom background. 2 Menu Positions in header. 3 Shortcuts in home page. 3 tabs for product details. Frontpage template with carousel and 2 widgetized areas. Multilingual Ready (WPML. qTranslate), RTL-Language Support, Search Engine Friendly, W3C Markup Validated. Cross-Browser. Independent navigation structures for different parts of your business: 20 Widget Areas. Also ideal as base to develop child themes. Compatible with many WordPress plugins. Powerful but simple theme. You can see it in action in all TheCartPress sites and also on free on Amazon.

  • It supports all the features of WordPress official theme, Twenty Twelve
    Optional display font, styling for post formats on both index and single views, header image, background, etc.

Free Responsive eCommerce theme

  • Bootstrap v2.2.2 framework integrated
  • Automatic sync with Free FBNI free things on Amazon

Highly versatile and flexible

  • TheCartPress configurable loops
  • WordPress Architecture, so you can use many plugins of the WordPress repository and you can easily extend it with child themes.

Full website support, independent sidebars

  • Pages (Coorporative info)
  • Blog (Full blog support)
  • Store (TheCartPress + Marketplace plugin support)
  • Authors
  • Searches
  • Community (Buddypress support)
  • Account

Independent sidebars

  • Home page template (with or without carousel)
  • Pages
  • Store
  • Blog
  • Author template
  • Account template pages
  • Proccess pages: shopping cart and checkout
  • Community pages

Two WordPress menus in header

  • Bootstrap navbar style

Carousel for all your post types (products, posts, etc)

  • Simply check “See in carousel” when editing your product or other post types. After activate Boot Store theme you´ll see a new box when editing posttypes (posts, products, pages, custom types)

Product detail template

  • Product content + 3 widgetized tabs
  • Extra widgetized area bellow buy button area
  • Image: Magic zoom plus support
  • Image gallery: Jetpack carousel support
  • Widgetized area to cross sales, cross content

Bootstrap shortcodes

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WordPress Multilingual

  • WPML support


  • WordPress Seo” plugin support

Custom settings

Bootstrap eCommerce Theme Setup Panel

Automatically sets  theme compatibility

Enjoy it!