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paypal plus payment gateway

PayPal PLUS Payment gateway for TheCartPress

TheCartPress PayPal PLUS Payment gateway allows TheCartPress, WordPress ecommerce plugin, supports PayPal PLUS Payments.

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PayPal introduced PayPal Plus in Germany, a solution that can be used by all online shops and allows the client to choose from four different payment methods.

The new service, Via, allows the client to pay with PayPal, credit card, automatic debt collection or invoice. The service is optimized for mobile devices and costs just 1,9% of the purchased product, plus EUR 0,35 for the transaction. Payments are under PayPal’s seller protection. It can be an option for future payment solutions and can be offered to clients as a payment method.

PayPal Plus for buyers

PayPal Plus provides customers with numerous benefits: it gives them more payment options, allowing them to pay with PayPal, credit card or invoice, and provides a new checkout to make shopping easier. It also provides them with easier handling since PayPal handles most of the tasks for consumers. Another benefit is the high level of security, including the Seller Protection program and enhanced risk management, and it applies to each of the four payment methods.

The service is open to all buyers, even those without a PayPal account, and all options are available to them. Buyers using PayPal Plus would reduce the drop-out rates in their store to a minimum and increase their opportunities for revenue.

The fees for PayPal PLUS are minimal, and charges differ for international transactions. From January 2016, depending on sales volume, fees will be between 1.79% and 2.49% + 0,35 EUR per transaction.

Payment process

If you want to use only Paypal Plus in your store you could setup your Checkout page to hide payment step:
paypal plus checkoutPaypal plus is dislayed in resume page:

paypal plus payment pluginAnd that’s all, enjoy it!