Weaver II eCommerce

Weaver II eCommerce theme

Free child eCommerce theme for the new Weaver II WordPress theme.
It adds ecommerce templates to run with TheCartPress eCommerce plugin. Weaver II eCommerce  inherits all the virtues of Weaver II theme and it adds specific functionality for e-commerce.


  • eCommerce templates
    • archive-tcp_product.php
    • taxonomy.php
    • loop-tcp-grid.php
    • single-tcp_product.php
  • Extra image sizes for adaptative product thumbnails. Cropped.
    • 200*200 to use cropped images in 3 or more cols loop layout
    • 300*300 to use cropped images in 2 cols loop layout
  • Widgetizable area in single post template to  cross sales/contents
  • Widgetizable area in single product to  cross sales/contents
  • Widgetizable area in category post template to  cross sales/contents
  • Widgetizable area in taxonomy template to  cross sales/contents
  • Plugins support in theme templates: Pagi Navi.
  • eCommerce Multilingual: WPML compatibility, Qtranslate compatibility

This eCommerce theme has been created by the TheCartPress Team and improved by Joy, an experienced member of the community TheCartPress. You can also see Weaver ii theme in action with TheCartPress at the site built by Joy with Weaver ii eCommerce.

eCommerce setup

Weaver II eCommerce theme give you templates to eCommerce, you must configure your WordPress installation as you want.. front page with the content you want, widgets, menus, etc. You have powerful tools to customize.

the front page

By default, WordPress shows your most recent Posts on the front page of your site. But many WordPress users want to have a static front page with product lists as the front page instead. This “static front page” look is common for those who wish to not have a “blog” look to their site, giving it a more eCommerce  feel.

To display products in front page you can have a static front page with TheCartPress shortcodes. (You can view examples of static pages with shortcodes in http://demo.thecartpress.com and http://extend.thecartpress.com/ )

Once you have created your frontpage you must paste your shortcodes on it to show your product lists within the page. You can put as many shortcodes as you need (also you can put text, images, multimedia, etc).

  • To create shortcodes, TheCartPress has a tool:
    TheCratPress Tools> Shortcodes

Basically, to set up a front page with product lists:

  1. Create shortcodes selecting products
  2. Create page “My front page”, choose template to display it (with or without sidebar)
  3. Paste shortcodes in “My front page” (also you can put text, images, multimedia, etc)
  4.  Configure “My front page” as WordPress frontpage. WP settings>Reading

You can chosse the loop-tcp-grid in your shortcodes. (Also the taxonomy and archive templates call loop-tcp-grid.)

Catalog navigation

Create your catalog navigation with:

  • WordPress native menus (Appearance>menu)
  • TheCartPress Widgets in your sidebars (Appearance>widgets):
    • TCP navigation tree
    • TCP navigation cloud
    • TCP Custom post lists
    • TCP last visited
    • Etc.

The Loop

Configure the main loop to display your products: TheCartPress>Loop Settings.
Also you can configure each shortcode and widget.

  • Number of colums by device size
  • See Sorting panel
  • See Pagination
  • See elements: title, price, buy button/options, image, taxonomies, utilities, excerpt, content, meta, etc

TheCartPress loop settings

Cross sales & Cross content.

Take advance of the “related widget” from TheCartPess to cross contents at bottom of single and taxonomy pages.

  • Create post and product relations
  • Insert as many related widgets as you need in “Related content” sidebar
      • Single product – Single products.
      • Single product – Single posts.
      • Single product – Product categories.
      • Single product – Post categories.
      • Category of product – Categories of products.
      • Category of product – Categories of posts.
      • Single post – Single posts.
      • Single post – Single products.
      • Single post – Post categories.
      • Single post – Product categories.
      • Category of post – Categories of Posts.
      • Category of post – Categories of Products.


All the featured images displayed in loop (loop-tcp-grid.php) have adaptive styles. Therfore be sure you setup the displayed image sizes in “loop settings” bigger than image container. This is related with the number of cols that you want.

Weaver ii eCommerce, change log

TCP-weaver-ii-1.1.1 By Joy

  • update for WordPress 3.4
  • changed translation function from _e() to echo __()
  • added styling for new mobile top,bottom links
  • fixed loop-tcp-grid-ul.php for multiple use on one page
  • updated 404.php to match parent
  • changes for sidebars
  • commented change to Add to Cart filter in tcpfunctions.php

Official Weaver II Theme

10 Reasons to Switch to Weaver II
Weaver ii theme

  1. Integrated Mobile Device Support
    Weaver II lets you create a customized look, but perhaps the single best thing about it is the automatic and integrated support for Mobile Devices. Providing a great looking and easy to navigate Mobile view for your visitors is essential for any modern web site. Weaver II’s integrated mobile support does that automatically, and your visitors will see a site that matches you regular site. There simply is no better Mobile support available.
  2. Totally Customizable
    Weaver II’s easy to use administrative interface makes it easy for anyone to change virtually every aspect of the site. Change colors, fonts, sidebar layouts. Customize individual pages and posts. Create multiple views of your posts using easy to define filters. Show or hide different elements of pages and posts. You can even easily add your own CSS snippets (but you don’t have to!).
  3. Great for Newcomers to WordPress
    Weaver II lets anyone create a custom site. You don’t need to know anything about programming, HTML, or CSS to create a great customized site (although knowing about those won’t hurt anything). Simply start with one of over 20 different predefined sub-themes. Then open the Weaver II Admin interface, and select colors for easy to use color pickers. Scan through the options to selectively display or hide standard page and post items. Select from several options for displaying your menu.
  4. Great for Advanced Web Designers
    While Weaver II is totally usable by newcomers, it has a complete set of advanced options that allow advanced users complete control. Provide custom CSS for any element on the site. Add custom HTML code nearly anywhere using HTML insert blocks. Use the advanced shortcodes to control content. Create custom blog pages using the “Page with Posts” page template to filter posts by category, tags, and more. Hide elements. Save your work to move to other sites. The possibilities are endless.
  5. Real Help Files
    Each Weaver II option includes a brief explanation of what it does. But beyond that, Weaver II includes extensive documentation, easily accessible from the admin interface. You can instantly access relevant sections of the Help file by clicking the (?) buttons found throughout the Admin interface.
  6. Active User Community and Help Forum
    The original Weaver theme has been around for nearly two years. There is an active user community, and an active support forum.
  7. Integrated Shortcodes and Widgets
    One important aspect of website design is creating a unified look. While there are thousands of available plugins for WordPress, Weaver II provides many of its own shortcodes and widgets designed to ensure a unified look. Some of the features include YouTube and Vimeo shortcodes, external RSS feeds, selective display of posts, selective display on mobile/non-mobile views, two-column text widets, and more.
  8. Support for latest WordPress Features
    Weaver II includes support for all the latest WordPress features: HTML5, Featured Images, Post Formats, Custom Post Types, SEO, and more.
  9. Flexible Layouts
    Weaver II supports several different sidebar layouts: left sidebar, right sidebar, split sidebar, double sidebar left or right, no sidebars, multiple footer widget areas, and several custom widget areas. You can select different sidebar layouts globally, as well as on a per page basis. Weaver II also provides several page templates, including double columns. You can select one, two, or three columns for you post pages.
  10. Weaver II Pro
    While the free Weaver II basic version is one of the most flexible and advanced WordPress themes available, Weaver II Pro adds even more features. It offers more detailed control over various display elements, as well as extended control over the Mobile View. It supports additional HTML insert areas, full font control (including Google Fonts), and more shortcodes. See more details about Weaver II Pro.

Weaver ii sub themes