Barclay Card – ePDQ

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Barclaycard is a trusted provider of online merchant services to businesses of all sizes and across Europe. TheCartPress implements BarclayCard payment gateway for eCommerces build with TheCartPress.

If you are looking for Barclaycard ePDQ for Woocommerce, please visit Barclaycard ePDQ Payment Gateway by Pluginsmaker.

How to Install the Plugin

You have to buy the plugin. If you make is a a registered user you can download the zip file from your Downloads page, in your Account.

After you have downloaded the plugin, uncompress the Zip file. This last action will create a folder called “thecartpress-directdebit“. Upload it to your WordPress site, wp-content/plugins folder.

Login in your WordPress site and activate the plugin using Plugins menu.

How to Configure ePDQ (access to test)

BarclayCard ePDQ, Global Transaction Parameter


BarclayCard ePDQ, Global Security Parameters


BarclayCard ePDQ, Payment Page Layout


BarclayCard ePDQ, Data and Origin Verification


BarclayCard ePDQ, Transaction Feedback