Beta release for 1.1.6 TheCartPress, the new era for eCommerce plugins

Today, we have published the last beta version of TheCartPress 1.1.6.

In a previous post (News of TheCartPress) we discussed the improvements that comes with this new version.
It’s a unstable version, direct from the developers. But we think that it’s very interesting to make tests with it. This new version support new hooks, but some old ones have been deleted. So, if you are a developer and you have plugins for TheCartPress, please, test them.

The other new plugin is Dynamic Options. This plugin will be integrated in the core in the final release. It adds the new Options, called Dynamic Options, for the products in the catalogue.

How to create options for a product:

1. Click in the menu called Attributes.
2. Click in the Attributes Manager option
3. Create as many attributes as you want. For example, Colors and Sizes
4. Return to the “Attribute Set” page and create a new Set, called t-Shirts set. Select Colors and Sizes.
5. Click in “Add a New Product”. Set its name, price and, in the new field “Attribute Set” select “T-Shirts Set”.
Save the product.
6. Click in the option “Dynamic Options“.
Dynamic Options Manager creating options for a t-shirts
7. Insert terms in the attributes, for example Colours: Green, Red, Blue. And Sizes: L, M, S (only the first time)
8. Create new Options, selecting the colors and sizes and typing a price.

And that’s all.

Enjoy it!