New eCommerce using TheCartPress

New eCommerce using TheCartPress,

Fishing and sporting goods store. Shipping to the entire peninsula (Spain) in 24 hours. We offer quality and good price, more than 30 years at the service of customers.


Tienda de artículos de pesca y deportes. Envíos a toda la península en 24 horas. Ofrecemos calidad y buen precio, mas de 30 años al servicio de los clientes.

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PSiGate Payment Plugin

Today, we have updated PSiGate Payment plugin. This plugin allows to use the PSiGate online paymenys in your e-commerces made with WordPress and TheCartPress.

PSiGate is mainly used in United States and Canada.

PSiGate payment plugin for TheCartPress, ecommerce plugin for WordPress

This update covers:

  1. Adds “Redirect” property: This setting allows to redirect automatically to PSiGate servers instead to make a click on a “Pay now” button.
  2. “Pay now” button styles: to integrate it with current buttons styles

Enjoy it!!

TheCartPress, Language package

And now, we publish a minor version with some interesting features:

  1. Updated language package, the Spanish version
  2. Products file to import, from TheCartPress Demo site

Your e-commerce plugin for WordPress always updated. The work is in progress!

Enjoy it!

Ecommerce Reports

New improvements in TheCartPress 1.4.9. Our e-commerce plugin for WordPress has a new menu called TheCartPress/Reports.

With Reports, you could take a quick look to your sales and best seller products.

By default, TheCartPress is published with to reports, “Sales” and “Top Ten Sales”.

The First one displays the total sales between two dates. This is the best way to evaluate the best days and months of sales.

The second one shows the Top Ten Best Seller products between two dates, allowing to evaluate which products have the best performance.

Do you have ideas about new and awesome reports for your e-commerce? Please, contact us. We’d love to add more and more reports.

wordpress ecommerce plugin reports

Our development team has created a tcp reports tabs to add more reports, so any plugin or theme developer could add its own charts.

Reports are another little step to make TheCartPress one of the best e-commerce plugins for WordPress.

Enjoy it!

Copy Order

With TheCartPress 1.4.0  we have added a new awesome feature, “Copy orders” or “Link to precompiled carts, ready for checkout”.

To enabled this functionality you have to create an order and check the new field “Public (to copy)”. Activating this feature allow to add a shortcode in any page to show a button to add multiple items in the shopping cart.

Copy to, feature for ecommerce wordpress

You have to use a shortcode, in any page where you want to display the “copy” button. The shortcode has this format:

[tcp_copy_order_button order_id=”99″]

See it in action:

Enjoy with this new feature.

Ask About Products

We have updated this awesome plugin.

It shows a button, close to the buy button, allowing customers to send questions to the merchant.

Now, it has a new setting called “Oonly for logged users”, that allows to shows the “Ask about” button only if users are logged.

Ask about settings for TheCartPress eCommerce WordPress plugin

Enjoy it!

TheCartPress 1.3.6, eCommerce features+

new release of ecommerce wordpress plugin

With this new release, TheCartPress adds more and more ecommerce features.

Some of the new features are:

  1. Checkout
    1. Notice is integrated into Cart
    2. ‘Retry checkout’ goes to Payment step by default
  2. Mails and notices: “tcp_shopping_cart_bottom”, allows to add a new notices at the bottom of shopping cart
  3. Shopping cart: New function “add_attributes”
  4. Taxonomy management: Allows set one taxonomy to more than one post type
  5. Paypal: Supports adding cost to payments via Paypal
  6. login shortcode: New attributes (login, register: display true/false)
  7. Hooks: more hooks to improve TheCartPress using plugins

Enjoy it!

Best regards

TheCartPress in the University

TheCartPress is been used by Pamela Blake at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Qld Australia.

tcp-university logo“The students are in general studying a Bachelor of Computer Based Design.

I teach them 2nd year eMedia which is web design. HTML5, CSS3 in their first semester. A little php (not too much to freak them out as they are generally visual design students) a little MySql databases and responsive design in the second semester.

For their last assignment second semester is WordPress, two twentytwelve child themes for one site build. A corporate design and a creative design. They have to use a shopping cart and yours seemed the best bet for responsivity.

And it has been great.”

Pamela Blake

Pamela Blake, at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Qld Australia
Jamie, Pamela, Jakeb and Felicia

Thanks for use TheCartPress!