TheCartPress 1.1.5, the eCommerce plugin for WordPress

A new version of the eCommerce plugin just been published.

The improvements:

  • PayPal: New PayPal IPN (thanks to the community)
  • Transaction Payment notification (Suggested to the community)
  • Checkout: Improvements in Login form (Suggested to the community)
  • Edit orders: Fixed html issue
  • Navigation Tree: new property “Use description for title”
  • Custom fields: Now, custom fields are for any type of post type.
  • Related list widget: New relations: post » categories of products, product » categories of products and product » categories of posts.
  • More and more hooks

We would like to thank all the people in the community who have made ​​donations, twitters or links on their blogs.

TheCartPress, one of the best eCommerce plugin for WordPress, is growing.

Enjoy it!!