Servired – Redsys – Sermepa

Se ha publicado una nueva versión del plugin de Servired – Redsys – Sermepa para TheCartPress.

El plugin tiene soporte para Catalán, Valenciano, Gallego y Euskera. La pasarela de Redsys será mostrada en estos idiomas siempre que el país de destino sea España y TheCartPress conviva con un plugin de Multiidioma soportado, como son WPML o QTranslate.

Pasarela de Pagos de Banesto

Esta vez presentamos una nueva pasarela de pagos para TheCartPress, nuestro “plugin” de comercio electrónico para WordPress. Acabamos de Lanzar la Pasarela de Pagos de Banesto.

Cómo todos los “plugins” de TheCartPress, posee una pantalla de administración completa desde donde poder configurar la pasarela tanto en modo pruebas como en producción.


eCommerce Plugins Week, the Cart is growing

This week we have launch 6 new plugins, it is “The Plugins Week

New premium plugins for TheCartPress + WordPress

Here’s the WordPress eCommerce plugins to improve your store, divided by types:

eCommerce User Experience

eCommerce Payment Gateways

  • FirstData, FirstData Global Gateway LinkPoint
  • Moneris, Moneris Gateway Payment menthod

eCommerce Tools

Pinterest for TheCartPress

Today, we announce a new plugin for our eCommerce software, Pinterest for TheCartPress

Lets your customers share your products on the largest social pinboard for Shoppers.

The plugin allows to add the “Pin it” button in your products. If you have your Pinterest account connecting with Twitter or Facebook, your catalogues could be shared in both social networks.


Download it, for free, using this link.

Enjoy it!!

Tier Price, new plugin for TheCartPress

A new plugin for TheCartPress has been published in extend site.

Tier pricing for TheCartPress is an eCommerce tool that allows you price items differently for higher quantities. The plugin, also, allows to set a Special price to be activated during a period of time.

Enjoy It.

PayPal Express Checkout Payment Gateway

PayPal Express Checkout – is a fast, easy and secure way for buyers to pay with PayPal.
Express Checkout eliminates one of the major causes of checkout abandonment by giving
buyers all the transaction details at once, including order details, shipping options,
insurance choices, and tax totals.


  • Very simple in settings
  • Immediate payment
  • You can use your own IPN listener or built-in one
  • Notifications about errors
  • You can specify Business Title that will be shown on PayPal page instead of your name
  • You can specify PayPal Landing Page (Credit Card or PayPal account)
  • Detailed order with list of products or one full amount for “Order #”
  • IPN Log – all IPN messages will be logged if you use built-in IPN listener
  • Test Mode (Sandbox)

PayPal action: Sale
In order to use built-in IPN listener leave IPN Listener field empty.
Requires PHP 5, CURL.

Author: Alexey

ROBOKASSA, One more payment gateway plugin for TheCartPress

ROBOKASSA — is the service, that allows sellers (on-line stores) to receive payments by plastic cards, in every e-currency, using mobile commerce services (MTS and Megafon), E-invoicing via leading banks in Russia, through ATMs, through instant payment terminals, through Contact remittances, and with the iPhone application.

Buy it from extend site.

Another payment plugin for TheCartPress, eCommerce plugin for WordPress

New Marketplace eCommerce plugin

We announce the launch of a new product in the “Extend” site, Marketplace eCommerce plugin.

The plugin allows to new merchants sell theirs products into our eCommerce sites. The current merchant becomes the ”main merchant”, and the other merchants will be called ”marketplace merchant”. Those new merchants are allowed to publish products, but they cannot administrate the site.

To see how it works, please, visit the plugin page in the “Extend” site.

“Extend” site continues growing.