Webcash Online Payment

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WEBCASH payment plugin for TheCartPress.

If you are looking for Webcash for Woocommerce, please visit Webcash Payment Gateway by Pluginsmaker.

WEBCASH is a Prepaid Payment System where the customers determine the amount of the cash value they want to top-up into their Webcash account. Once they register to open an account via www.webcash.com.my, a account activation email will be sent. Once you click the activation link in the email, a Webcash account will be created for you. Your account will have zero ($0) balance, thus allowing you to top-up your desired amount, using the top-up function. Once you have top-up your account, you can start shopping with more than 700 merchants who accepts Webcash.

This payment module is for Malaysia.

Webcash Online Payment for TheCartPress, eCommerce plugin for WordPress

Webcash Setup PanelWebcash Online Payment, Setup, for TheCartPress, eCommerce plugin for WordPress