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EcomMerchant is for businesses that wish to take credit or debit card payments over the Telephone or the Internet. A number of solutions exist to allow you to facilitate payments with our service that will suit your requirements. Whether you are a small to medium enterprise or have a corporate requirement we have a solution for you.

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  1. PCI compliance
  2. Support Card Types
  3. Anti-Fraud Mechanism
  4. Customisable PayPage
  5. Comprehensive Control Panel
  6. Low Transaction Fee


After you installed and activated the Total Web Solutions extension plugin, you can go to TheCartPress Settings > Payment Methods. Look for the “Total Web Solutions” method and click on it.

TotalWebSolution payment method


1. Title
Fill in the title/caption/name for the Total Web Solutions payment method which will be displayed to your customers in your shop.

2. Customer ID
Unique customer ID provided by Total Web Solutions.

3. Secret Key
You can set the secret key to any value of your choice in your Total Web Solutions account under SETTINGS > Authorization > Pay Page > Update Pay Page Settings. Scroll to the very bottom and insert the secret key.

secret key, for TotalWebSolutions Payment plugin for TheCartPress

Once you’ve done that and clicked “Save Settings” fill the same value into the “Secret Key” configuration setting in the plugin as shown above in #3.

4. Test Mode
Set the mode of the payment. Either “Test” or “Live“. For a test Total Web Solutions account, set this to “Test” so that you can do test transactions. Contact Total Web Solutions for a document with test cards and details to use.

5. Redirect
To hide the Payment button.
configuration fields for TotalWebSolutions