Ask About


This ecommerce plugin allows to send a question to the merchant about the current product.

How to Install the Plugin

You have to buy the plugin. If you make is a a registered user you can download the zip file from your Downloads page, in your Account.

After you have downloaded the plugin, uncompress the Zip file. This last action will create a folder called “thecartpress-customersdiscounts“. Upload it to your WordPress site, wp-content/plugins folder or adding it using “Add plugin” from WordPress plugin manager.

Login in your WordPress site and activate the plugin from Plugins menu.

The plugin has two settings:

email address: allows to set the email address where questions will be sent,

Only for logged users: if cheked, “ask about” button only will be displayed if the users are logged.

Ask about settings for TheCartPress ecommerce plugin

Finally, take a look to the buy button:

ask about an item Buy Button


ask about an item buybutton modal