Creating Products Options or Variants or Dynamic Options

Products Options are objects, associated to a product, used to modify some features of the product, like colour, size, etc, allowing to modify or not the price. TheCartPress allows to create Product Options using the Dynamic Product Options plugin.

To create product options (after installing and activating Dynamic Options plugin):

First, Creating an Attributes Set. Different type of products have different attribute set. For example, if our eCommerce sells t-shirts and PCs, the t-shirts share the same attributes: colour, size; while the PCs use speed, memory, etc.

  1. Log in to your WordPress Administration Panel (Dashboard).
  2. Click the Products/Attribute Sets.
  3. Start filling in the blanks: title (set name) and description (not required) and click the Insert button

An Attribute set needs attributes. In our previous example, colour and size are the attributes for the t-shirt Set.

  1. In the previous screen, click Attributes link.
  2. Start filling in the blanks: title (set name) and description (not required) and click the Insert button.

Now, you need to associate the attributes with the Attribute Set:

  1. Click the Return to Attribute Set
  2. Click Edit in the desired Attribute Set
  3. In this screen, select Attributes to associate to the Set (in the example colour, and size)

  1. Click in Product Tab (create the product)
  2. Select the Attribute Set in the Dropdown list called “Attribute Sets”.
  3. When you Update or Save the product, you can see a new option link, in the Product Setup panel called  “Dynamic Options” and a new panel called “Product Dynamic options”

Using last screen:

  • You can create new colours or sizes, using the “Terms” row.
  • By selecting values in drop down lists you can create the Options. The price will be added to the price of the parent product.
  • “Create All” button allows to create all possible variations, joining all the values of all the attributes.

Set Up

Dynamic Options could be configured using Themes Compatibility settings page.
This settings allow to set up how TheCartPress eCommerce displays variations:

How to display the options:

List of radio buttons
Unique Drop Down list with all options
One Drop down list for each attribute
Order by
How to sort the options:

Order Field
Sort by “Order” field.
Sort by Title
Sort by Price
The previous selection is completed using Ascending or Descending order
Calculate Price
The final price will be calculated:

Price of option will be the price of the item.
Price of option plus price of product will be the price of the item

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