Creating Product Pages

By default, TheCartPress creates a page called “Catalogue”. This page displays the catalogue of your ecommerce, but you can create as many lists of products as you need.

TheCartPress eCommerce plugin supports several ways to create Product Pages. These are some of them:

Using TCP Navigation Tree Widget

  1. Create products
  2. Create Categories for those products
  3. From Appearance/Widgets, add “TCP Navigation Tree” widget to the properly sidebar

Using Shortcodes

TheCartPress allows to create Shortcodes to display any type of products (Post or any other Custom Post Type. These Shortcodes will be used in a page content using the next syntax:

[ tcp_list id="name of the shortcode to use" ]

To create a Shortcode, you have to navigate to TheCartPress Tools/Shortocodes menu.

Using Archives

  1. Create products
  2. Create a new menu item with this URL: http://my_site/product