Tax Rates

Since 1.0.9 version TheCartPress has a new tax management to support states/countries taxes.


First of all, we are going to see the new settings added to allow these new functionalities:

  • Default tax country: The taxes will be calculated using this country, while the users make the purchases. If the setting ‘Taxes based on’ is set to Default tax country, then this country will be used to calculate the ultimate taxes.
  • Prices include tax: This property stores if the price typed by the merchant has the taxes added.
  • Taxes based on: Possible values are Billing Country, Shipping Country or Default country. If it is set to Billing/Shipping country the taxes will be calculate in the checkout process with the customer’s Billing/Shipping country.
  • Display prices with taxes: If this setting is set to true and the ‘Prices include tax’ settings is set to false, then the store adds the tax (from the default country) to the price. If this setting is set to false and the ‘Prices include tax’ settings is set to true, then the store should remove the tax from the price.

Tax classes

To set now the taxes you have to create the different taxes (only the
labels in the taxes menu). For example the European Union has
Standard IVA, Reduced IVA and tax-Exempt taxes. So this three taxes types (or classes) should be created in the tax menu.

taxes class editorIn the product management you have to select which taxes are appropriate for each products.

Tax rates

Finally, in the taxes rates management you can set the different rates to the different taxes classes, by country, state. zip/Postal code and tax type:

Tax rates

And finally, here we publish a video to see the Taxes working.

After, configure all tax settings, merchants should select one tax on each product.