Setup Downloadable products

To setup downloadable products you have to follow those steps:

  1. Setup the path.
  2. Create a product.
  3. At product panel, check in “is downloadable” option. When you check the box, two other boxes popup under it: “Max Downloads” and “Days to Expire”, configure them and press “Save Draft” or “Publish”
  4. Next to fileProduct panel displays a “File Upload” link. This link allows to upload a file (or delete a previous one)
  5. For unregistered users, the order email will have a link to allow to download each purchased file.
  6. For registered users, the order email will have a link to the user account. Install Front end Plugin for TheCartPress, to all download files from front-end.

“Max Downloads” and “Days to Expire” are to fields to setup the access to this product to its buyers.

“Max downloads” allows to enter a number of times the buyers could download the plugin, -1 value is used to set no limits.

“Days to Expire” allows to set a date at which the product will be available.