Path for Downloadable Digital Products

In this How-To document we will try to show how to make an e-Commerce store for digital products, like music, photographs, etc.

These are the steps:

  1. I have installed WordPress and TheCartPress in a linux server of a typical web hosting company.
  2. Set up the download path in the settings page of TheCartPress plugin. For example, in my server I see this path as the example: /var/www/vhost/
  3. Set this value to /var/www/vhost/
  4. Create this folder (uploads) with a FTP client (set Group Permissions to Write).
  5. Create a text file (into upload folder) that contains “deny from all”. Rename the file to ‘.htaccess’.

And that’s all. If you’d want to comment anything about this ‘How-to’, please do so through the community.