Google eCommerce

The Google eCommerce plugin extends TheCartPress to send data to Google Analytics’ Ecommerce tracking system. It requires that you already have a Google Analytics account and some means of adding Google Analytics code to your website (such as “Google Analytics for WordPress”).

Once you have your Analytics account up and running and have confirmed that you are receiving data, you need to tell Google that your site is an eCommerce site. Here is a screenshot of this setting and where to find it in Google Analytics:

An example of the kind of report you can view in Google Analytics with this plugin:

The plugin also allows you to visualize “cart abandonment” information. Here is how to get to it:

* Log In to Google Analytics and click the “Reporting” tab

* In the left-hand menu, click “Audience”
* Then click “Custom”
* Then click “Custom Variables”

* Select “Checkout Step” in the main window

The information displayed shows the number of visitors who stopped at the step listed. For example, “Payment Complete” means that the visitor made it all the way through the checkout process and processed their payment. For any other entry, this is where the visitor stopped the checkout process. The usual order of checkout is:
* Billing (billing address)
* Shipping (shipping address)
* Sending (select shipping method)
* Cart Contents (review cart contents & final costs)
* Payment Method (select payment method)
* Checkout Notice (view the checkout notice and, if required, select “I agree”)
* Execute Payment (from here the visitor is prompted to go and finalize their payment with the payment processor)

Adding up all the “Visit Start” numbers will give you the total number of visitors who began a checkout process. You can then divide each individual step’s number into that total to determine the percentage of your visitors that abandoned the cart at that point, and for “Payment Complete” the percentage of your visitors who did not abandon their cart but rather completed the purchase.