Installing TheCartPress

You can automatically install the plugin “TheCartPress” from the backend of your WordPress installation.

You can also do manually, download TheCartPress plugin, unzip it and upload it to the “plugins” folder of your WordPress installation.

Once installed and activated visit “TheCartPress settings” in the WordPress backend to configure your store.

Theme compability

By defaul TheCartPress loads css styles to show the checkout, viewcart and buy options in your theme. You can uncheck it in the TheCartPress settings.

TheCartPress is 100% integrated with WordPress.

TheCartPress takes advance of the WordPress 3.0 custom post-types.
See WordPress Template Hierarchy to understand WordPress hierarchy and how it works.

By default and basically you can use it with any WordPress theme but, securely, you need some extra css and some extra templates to show nicely and profesionaly your store.
If you want customize and enhanced your store with specific interface (look and/or funcionallity) you can do it easily, adding some extra templates and some extra css in yor theme.

You can also visit