How to Use “CSV Uploader”

“CSV Uploader” is one of the most advanced plugins for TheCartPress. It can be downloaded for free. Those are the steps to load a CSV file into TheCartPress:

First of all, you need a CSV file. A CSV (Comma-separated values) file consists of any number of records, separated by line breaks of some kind; each record consists of fields, separated by some other character or string, most commonly a literal comma or tab. Usually, all records have an identical sequence of fields.

Example of CSV file:

Product One, 100.5,PONE,red,L
Product Two, 102.7,PTWO,red,XL
Product THREE, 99.9,PTHREE,black,L

Before loading the file you need to configure the loader. Next image shows the fields to configure:
CSV setup first step

Post type
As TheCartPress, CSV Loader supports any type of Custom Post type.
Which products to load
Allows to process all the file or load only new “items” or only process existing ones.
Not applicable in this example.
Usually “,” and “checked” if the first line contains the columns titles.
Choose the file to load

The button called “Load” will load only the first four lines to allow to configure what eCommerce fields are assigned to each column. Ecommerce fields are default fields (as Price, SKU, stock, etc.), taxonomies and custom fields.

Next images shows the first products. It allows to assign Columns from the CSV file (Imported Columns) and eCommerce fields (TheCartPress columns).
CSV Choose fields

The last two fields are for:

Attach these product to
No applicable in this example. It’s related to the previous Taxonomy field
Product status
To publish or not the products

Next image shows how the products are loaded in the eCommerce.

CSV. Products loaded

About Images

To upload images, “CSV Uploader” takes them from an URL, so you need to upload them to an FTP account. TheCartPress supports to add any number of images to a product, but only one thumbnail. Next example shows how to add images to a CSV file:

title,price,SKU,color,size,thumbnail, image1, image2
Product One, 100.5,PONE,red,L,,,,
Product Two, 102.7,PTWO,red,XL,,,
Product THREE,99.9,PTHREE,black,L,,,,