How to Use “CSV Uploader” + Dynamic Options

In this tutorial we are going to see how to upload variations or “Dynamic Options” to TheCartPress using “CSV Uploader”.

First, we need to set the Attribute Set to “parent” products. “Parent products” will be the products with Variations. This is an example of a CSV file using this new field:

SKU,Title,Content,Attribute set
AKA,Product Aka,Product with dynamic options,optionsset

It is very important to consider the SKU. This field will be used to join the variations with theirs parents. About “Attribute Set”, you have to create and configure it using admin panels. Take a look to the document called Creating Products Options or Variants.

And now, the CSV file for Variations or Dynamic Options:

AKA,AKA-1,Product Aka-Color:Red-sizes:X,Variation: red + X,Red,X,1.5
AKA,AKA-2,Product Aka-Color:Green-sizes:X,Variation: green + X,Green,X,2
AKA,AKA-3,Product Aka-Color:Green-sizes:XL,Variation: green + XL,Green,XL,3.5
AKA,AKA-4,Product Aka-Color:Green-sizes:XXL,Variation: green + XXL,Green,XXL,3.5

It’s very important to configure the CSV Panel properly before update the variants. Next image displays how to configure it:

CSV Loader for Dynamic Options, TheCartPress

Very Important:

Set the Post Type to Dynamic Options. Variations are not products, they are Dynamic Options.

Set the Parent.

Set the Taxonomies for the Attributes. Note that we are selecting those under “Attribute Set”.  Those taxonomies are the ones related to Dynamic Options.