Blank Page, Upgrading TheCartPress 1.3.3

In this How-To, we will try to show how to upgrade to TheCartPress 1.3.3.

This version has a lot of new features and improvements, so, please, upgrade.

The issue, with the blank page is not with TheCartPress itself. This blank page is displayed by some thecartpress plugins. They fail when TheCartPress is deactivated.

So the best way to upgrade is to deactivate all thecartpress plugins, upgrade TheCartPress, and reactivate them again.

But, if you’re seeing a blank page, you can follow next steps:

  1. Using an FTP client, visit your wordpress folder/wp-content/plugins, in your site.
  2. Rename thecartpress plugins folders, from “thecartpress-xxxx” to “_thecartpress-xxxx“.
  3. The blank page should disappear. Activate TheCartPress (if it’s deactivated).
  4. Renames folders from “_thecartpres-xxxx” to “thecartpress-xxxx“.

And that’s all.

Please, update all of your TheCartPress plugins. Download them again looking for new versions.