How to apply Shipping cost Zones to States or Provincies

Is there a way to have shipping cost (under shipping method) zone 0, zone 1 and zone 2 be different provinces within Canada rather than different Countries?

“Shipping cost” allows to calculate the shipment of an order using weight and country or state/province destination.

To load States/Provinces in the Lists, you have to select one country in the “Apply the plugin only to selected ones” field. By default TheCartPress supports USA and Canada States/Provinces, but you can load more States/Provinces using the free plugins available as International plugins in our extend site.

Shipping cost for Canada

<h3>But I need to add USA States</h3>

If you want to add more States/Provinces from other countries,for example USA States, you can create another instance and select United States in the “Apply the plugin only to selected ones” field. Pressing Save button, the Zones will be loaded using the States of the United States.

Shipping cost for USA

The Checkout will use the best choice using the shipping addresses.

Enjoy it!