TheCartPress Custom Post Type – Taxonomy API

Since TheCartPress 1.1.7, plugin developers and theme designers have access to a new PHP API to create custom post types and custom taxonomies. The powerful of this API is that can be modified from the back end of TheCartPress. This is successful when we are using third-party themes or plugins.

For example, TheCartPress defines a post type called “Product”. When you are creating a website, perhaps, you would need to convert the text “product” to “song”. Since 1.1.7, TheCartPress defines the post type “tcp-product’ using the new API.

Using this API, developers find an easy way to create taxonomies and post types and, meanwhile, website administrator could change the titles or names using back end.

Manage post type
Manage taxonomies

This powerful API is used by TheCartPress to create it’s own post types (products and options) and it’s own taxonomies (categories of products, product tags and suppliers).

The plugin Dyamic Options, also, uses this API to create the attributes and the Dynamic Option post type.

Manage post types, Manage taxonomies and Attributes

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