Google Shopping


Add your products to Google Shopping. If you have an eCommerce made with TheCartPress you can upload all of your products to Google Shopping with this tool.



In the next image you can see the admin panel to configure the plugin and to launch a massive uploading action.

Google Shopping Settings for TheCartPress, eCommerce plugin for WordPress

In the next image you can see the product panel displaying Google Shopping for TheCartPress product options. You can upload one product from this panel.

Google Shopping Product Panel, for TheCartPress, eCommerce plugin for WordPressBase Country and Currency fields, of your TheCartPress site, are used to upload the products.

Connect your products to adWords, using the specific fields in the Google Shopping panel for each product.

Change Log

Google Shopping plugin for TheCartPress, version 1.1:

Google Shopping Identifiers

For more information about Google Shopping Identifiers, visit

Google Shopping plugin for TheCartPress, version 1.2:

Support for CSV Loader

Fill all the fields from a CSV file. If you have your catalogue completed, try to create a CSV like this:

SKU, Google Shopping Price, Google Shopping New, Google Shopping Use, Google Shopping ADW Redirect, Google Shopping Identifier, Google Shopping Brand, Google Shopping GTIN, Google Shopping MPN
sku-1, 10.23, true, true,, true, GS brand, 1234567,
sku-2, 12.3, true, true,, true, GS brand 2, 1234569,

Take a look to How to Use “CSV Uploader” document for more help.