CSV loader

TheCartPress CSV loader

TheCartPress CSV Loader is a plugin for TheCartPress. It allows to load products from a csv file.
CVS loader tries to handle whatever your file is, by letting you select each field.

Product Browsing from CSV

  • Allows to take a look to the CSV file, to check if the content is correct
  • Allows to assign the CSV columns to the fields of products
  • Allows to select a category where to attach the loaded products
  • Allows to set the status of the loaded products (draft or publish)

Cut your file down to a few lines to test with and try it out. It will read the fields and let you choose the corresponding product field for each one.

When you select a category in the interface, it sets all products to that category, overwriting whatever they were (if they existed before). If you list several columns for a taxonomy(category, tag, or other) in your file, those are all set on that product, adding to whatever is set previously. So it’s additive.

Take a look to How to Use CSV Uploader document for more help

Dynamic Options Support

Take a look to How to Use CSV Loader + Dynamic Options document for more help.

Status Support

Since version 1.4.3, the CSV file supports a new column called status. Possible values are ‘publish’, ‘draft’, ‘pending’, or any custom status defined in the site.

To allow to use thie new column the parameter status must be filled, in the admin screen, as “defined in CSV file”.